“For me, it was looking at my (adopted) family and not looking like any of them, which made me feel like an outsider. As I got older, it became more apparent.”

Excerpt from Unknown Roots To Destiny Unleashed by Falisha Riaye

Separation trauma at birth IS real and it is the trauma, no matter what happens afterwards. My story is one of overcoming the psychological challenges that adoptees face. Society seems to sweep the emotions and deep rooted feelings of adoptees and those who are in the foster care system, under the rug. Statistically, Adoptees have slightly more mental health problems, such as depressive symptoms, bipolar disorder, higher neuroticism and loneliness. Research has found a slightly elevated genetic risk of depression, schizophrenia and neuroticism among adoptees. Join me on a journey through my life as an adoptee, a free spirit and finding my fit in the world.