An unapologetic, incredibly gifted Multipreneur and Brand Strategist. I am the creative mastermind behind all of my brands. I am a writer/content creator and super excited to soon join the ranks of “author,” as I will be releasing my first bookUnknown Roots To Destiny Unleashed.

I am Founder and CEO of KollabPro, Inc., a business services company.

A recent accomplishment that I am most proud of is serving as creator, executive producer and host of Goal Digger Diaries™, a live-streamed show that is dedicated to celebrating ordinary individuals who are doing extraordinary things in their businesses, careers and transformational work in their communities.

Previous work inspired by me includes being the visionary and co-host of 2020 Vision: Your Focus Determines Your Reality, Zen Wednesdays™️, and the The Shift Virtual Mastermind Event.

Along with my husband, Theo Riaye, I am Co-owner of the brands, Real State of Our Union™, and founder of the 16K+ member private relationship discussion group, Mature Conversations About Relationships.

Additional ventures include Co-Ownership of Fellwood Properties, Inc., a real estate investment company, Owner of Jazzy Ventures Travel Consultants, a luxury leisure and corporate group travel company. See My Brands for more information.